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SEOUL Authentic Tanner Pearson Jersey , South Korea -- Disappointed South Korean fans have expressed their anger toward the national team as it made its return home following an early exit from the World Cup in Brazil.

Local media showed clips of a fan throwing Korean traditional taffy candy, known as `yeot,' at the players who had lined up for a team photo at the international airport in Incheon on Monday. The thrower was heard as shouting ``eat yeot''; a common curse in South Korea.

Other fans also held up a banner designed in funeral style that said ``South Korean soccer is dead!!''

South Korea finished last in Group H at the World Cup after defeats against Belgium and Algeria, and a draw with Russia. South Korea was the last Asian team knocked out of the World Cup, leaving the continent without any representatives in the knockout stages.

South Korea has been to nine World Cups, more than any other Asian team, but it has failed to build on its performance as co-host of the 2002 World Cup, when it reached the semifinals.

Coach Hong Myung-bo, who was captain in 2002, apologized to fans for the team's disappointing World Cup performance.


Taxis are parked outside a department store in central Pyongyang, North Korea May 4, 2016. REUTERSDamir SagoljFile photo

PYONGYANG - "Pyongyang Spirit: A drink you won't forget after drinking once", reads the text of an ad for a clear, vodka-like North Korean alcohol.

No country is further from Madison Ave than Soviet-style North Korea, but advertising is beginning to emerge as makers of goods try to pitch products to a rising group of consumers and a wealthy class of citizens.

From whitening toothpaste made from natural ingredients to sea-cucumber snacks that claim to fight cancer and tuberculosis, more goods are being sold in colorful ways to the growing class of "donju", or "masters of money," who generate wealth in a gray market economy that is allowed to operate but is not formally recognized.

North Korean ads are small and subtly placed, and do not yet compete with the colorful socialist realist-style propaganda posters that line the streets of the capital and praise the ruling Workers' Party or leader Kim Jong Un.

Still, they are a significant departure in a country where state propaganda is supposed to have a monopoly on what ideas are sold to the public.

As with commercials elsewhere, North Korean adverts also prey on the insecurities and aspirations of would-be customers. The advertised properties of health goods, for example, would not be out of place in other Asian countries with a history of traditional herbal medicine.

"The main thing North Korean businesses compete on is quality, but now they're starting to compete in terms of how their products make people feel," said Andray Abrahamian of Choson Exchange, a Singapore-based NGO that trains North Koreans in business skills.

Pills to make children grow taller are presented with a bottle alongside a cartoon giraffe. A purple gem inside a steel ring promises to cleanse the wearer's blood of all impurities. Other ads offer services such as car repair, and Android games and programs to install on North Korean mobile phones.

The rudimentary advertisements are usually printed in color on A4 or A3-sized laminated paper, placed loosely on shop countertops or enlarged and stuck on shop interior walls. A separate laminated sheet explaining the history of the product sometimes accompanies the ad.

It's a far cry from anything resembling the kind of advertising industry depicted on the hit TV show, 'Mad Men'.

This uniquely North Korean style of advertising may have developed out of trade fairs, Abrahamian said.

As the "donju" have earned money in the unofficial economy, the flaunting of wealth has become more commonplace, especially in Pyongyang where those with acc.

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