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JAKARTA Weverton Brasil Camisa , July 19 (Xinhua) -- Thomas Lebas, a French cyclistracing for Kinan Cycling Team from Japan, won an internationalcycling championship held in Indonesia's eastern province of EastNusa Tenggara (NTT) after booking the fastest time in theevent.

Lebas clocked 19 hours, 38 and 21 seconds from six stagescontended in 2017 Tour de Flores Brasileira Futebol Camisa , earning him the yellow jersey ofthe championship which ended on Wednesday.

"This race is very interesting. Neck-to-neck competition amongthe cyclists persisted until the last stage," Lebas said afterreceiving 45 million rupiah (about 3,380 US Dollars) in prizemoney.

Philippine cyclist Marcelo Felipe from 711 team secured therunner-up position, followed by Iranian cyclist ArvinMoazamigodarzi from Pishgaman team.

Marcelo earned blue jersey after he was announced the bestSoutheast Asian cyclist in the championship. Meanwhile Brasileira Copa Mundo Camisa , Indonesiancyclist Muhammad Imam Arifin from KFC team earned white jerseyafter he obtained the host country's best cyclist title.

The best sprinter title was awarded to South Korean cyclistHyeongmin Choe from Geumsan Insan Cello team, making him entitledto get green jersey. Spanish cyclist Edgar Nohales Nieto earned thepolkadot jersey for winning the best cyclist for upward tracks.

"The race should resume next year. We have to keep our spirit tomake it happen in the following year," said Head of IndonesianCycling Sports Association (ISSI) Raja Sapta Oktohari.

The Tour de Flores, sanctioned by Swiss-based world's cyclingsports organization of Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Neymar Jr Copa Mundo Camisa , was inits second edition.

The championship, which has over 720 kilometer challengingroute, feature 96 cyclists from 11 countries and regions this year.Enditem

Driving a car has become a necessity for most of us. While the comfort of the car is indeed relaxing, the fuel cost that falls on you is certainly not relaxing. Unfortunately Gabriel Jesus Copa Mundo Camisa , many people are unaware of fuel economy and do not know how to measure their average gas mileage. As soon as the car starts consuming more gas, people think it’s time to switch cars. However, the situation need not come to this. With the implementation of just a few tips and tricks, you can not only go a long way in fuel saving but also increase the longevity of your car. Some of those tips to save big on your fuel cost are –

• Get the tire pressure checked every month. Many people don’t know that under-inflated tires burn more fuel. Fuel consumption can go about 5 percent higher.

• While you are getting the car tank filled with gas Diego Alves Copa Mundo Camisa , ask the serviceman to keep the hose in the tank till all the fuel has poured out of the nozzle. After the pump has been shut off, about a quarter of a cup of gas remains in the hose that should get poured into your car tank.

• Using cruise control wherever appropriate can save about 6 percent fuel consumption on the highway.

• Battery cables should be cleaned with each engine check-up. They tend to get corroded leading to the alternator working harder and consequently using more gas.

• Never let your vehicle run idle for over a minute since it not only pollutes the environment but also consumes fuel. It is estimated that one hour of idling consumes anything from half a gallon to one gallon. Thanks to modern technology, turning off and restarting the car consume much less fuel than idling. Additionally, it’s best to drive an engine rather than rev it up. Engines tend to work harder under load but will warm up quickly and easily if you start the engine and wait for about 20 seconds before driving away.

• Changing the air filters at least as frequently as outlined in the manual and faster under dusty conditions with ease the fuel cost to a great length.

• With computer controlled fuel injection Rodriguinho Copa Mundo Camisa , the definition of ‘tune-up’ has changed drastically. Thus you must have the car engine checked at regular intervals and replace spark plugs, oxygen sensor, the air, and fuel filters whenever required.

• The best way of driving the car is driving it in the highest gear without laboring the engine. Driving at a uniform speed Diego Souza Copa Mundo Camisa , a car would use 25 percent more fuel in third gear than it would consume in fifth. It has been proved that traveling faster in low gears consume 45 percent extra fuel. Taking note of this will make your fuel tank last much longer.

• Always be mindful while driving. Resorting to light throttle instead of heavy braking will go a long way in reducing both fuel consumption as well as wear and tear on your car. The right technique of driving can increase the fuel efficiency by over 30 percent.

• The load on the car also impacts fuel consumption. Thus additional luggage, roof rack, and heavy objects should be removed from the car if not required. It is estimated that about 100 pounds of extra weight can consume about 1 to 2 percent extra fuels.

• Always fill your tank with the appropriate octane gas. Octane ratings state the gasoline’s ability to resist engine knock. However, higher octane means more expensive fuel. One should strike an appropriate balance.

• Always plan your trips. Do several errands on a single trip. Multiple trips will obviously cost more and use more fuel.

• Using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil can improve the gas mileage by at least one to two percent. Do not give in to the temptation of cheaper alternatives.

Taking care of little things can result in rich dividends for you Rodrigo Caio Copa Mundo Camisa , your car and your pocket- all happy.

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Strefa czasowa UTC+1godz. [letni]

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