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The Crown Chakra Jefferson Lerma Colombia Camiseta , also known as the seventh chakra or Sahashrara in Sanskrit is located at the top of the head. This major chakra becomes fully active between the ages of 43 to 49 years. It is pictured as a lotus with a thousand petals; meaning that there is no limit to how it interacts with the universe. This article will explore the following areas. 1. Things associated with the crown chakra, 2. Characteristics of a balanced crown chakra, 3. Characteristics of an unbalanced crown chakra, 4. Ways of achieving a balanced crown chakra. After reading this article Edwin Cardona Colombia Camiseta , you will be able to understand all the basic facts about the crown chakra and its importance in the chakra system.

Things Associated with the Crown Chakra

There are many things that are used to identify the crown chakra. The colour for this chakra is violet or white. In the body it governs the brain, the top of the head-midline above the ears and the nervous system. The gland that links them is the pineal gland. Anything that goes wrong with any of these areas will affect the crown chakra. Also, when the energy level is deficient it will affect these parts. The gemstones for this chakra are diamond, amethyst and rock crystal. Lotus and olibanum are used for aromatherapy while the metal for crown chakra is gold. When you see any of these symbols Giovanni Moreno Colombia Camiseta , you should know that they are associated with the crown chakra in the chakra system.

Characteristics of a Balanced Crown Chakra

Anyone with a balanced crown chakra system shows that he or she has attained peace with God and the universe. They will also have understanding, wisdom, trust, selflessness Farid Diaz Colombia Camiseta , humanitarianism and the ability to see the bigger picture in a spiritual life. They always show inner peace and satisfaction. These attributes are the ultimate goal of every human being.

Characteristics of an Unbalanced Crown Chakra

An unbalanced crown chakra is also known as a closed crown chakra. People with closed crown chakras often lack understanding, they are normally confused, they lack purpose in life and are always physically exhausted, which is not always from physical ailments. Physically Frank Fabra Colombia Camiseta , they suffer from bone disorders like bone cancer, genetic disorders, sclerosis and multiple sclerosis. An excess crown chakra is also regarded as an unbalanced chakra. People who have it normally feel superior to other human beings.

Ways of Achieving a Balanced Crown Chakra

The negative effects of an unbalanced crown chakra are not what many people like to live with. This is why they seek to balance their chakras. Experts reveal that to start the balancing process, you must first seek out a proper diagnoses to ensure that your crown chakra is actually unbalanced and the extent of balancing needed. This step is important in order to avoid the effects of excess energy.

The crown chakra can be balanced through prayer and meditation Felipe Pardo Colombia Camiseta , colour and sound therapy and chakra meditation. Since the vortices rotate at certain frequencies, they resonate with musical notes that make the chakra achieve balance. The musical note for balancing crown chakra is B. The Tibetan Bowl is one of the music sounds that help to achieve this balance. In nature, viewing the mountain tops helps a lot. In yoga poses the lotus, the headstand and all meditation poses help. A daily head message Miguel Borja Colombia Camiseta , known as chakracise is a good way to achieve balance.

The above few highlighted points hopefully have given you a better understanding of the crown chakra. You have read about the things that are identified with it, the characteristics of a balanced and unbalanced crown chakra and ways of achieving balance. If you work with a professional, you will be able to reap the positive benefits of a balanced crown chakra and achieve your life’s purpose of experiencing divine meaning to life.

Janet Erickson is a healer with over 20 years experience. To read more about Crown Chakra go to Crown Chakra or Energy Healing.


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