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What is the best PDA to buy today?
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Autor:  Donnieclark [ 25 września 2017 7:32 ]
Tytuł:  What is the best PDA to buy today?


I'm looking to buy a PDA and I need to know what is probably the best PDA out there. I am looking for a PDA that can do it all and my spending limit is $450.......... So if you can help me out. Take a look at the Dell Axims. Light weight, MS O/S, plenty of freeware (for any PDA). I bought the low end Axim 30, because I didn't want or need the wireless features. I just wanted a basic PDA to store Contacts, tasks, notes. I've had it fo about 2 years, with now problems to report. It syscs to my PC so I'm happy.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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