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High Frequency Welding Machine Equipment price
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Autor:  momu237 [ 23 sierpnia 2018 11:30 ]
Tytuł:  High Frequency Welding Machine Equipment price

Saw blade grinding equipment, saw blade grinding machine, small high frequency welding machine, also called "high frequency brazing machine", small size, high welding speed, welding a workpiece in a few seconds, high efficiency, Main applications: Suitable for welding of various diamond saw blades, woodworking tools, drill bits, mining bits, picks, lathes for machining, planers, and bits. Rolled straight shank twist drill. Heat treatment of pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hand tools, etc.
Saw blade grinding equipment, saw blade grinding machine--Application range
Hardware industry: lighting accessories, precision mold parts, metal handles, egg beaters, drills, alloy steel and steel, steel and copper, copper and copper and other metal or dissimilar metal welding;
Tool industry: welding of diamond tools, hard alloy turning tools, tungsten steel cutters, milling cutters, reamers, planers, etc.
Appliance industry: welding of composite pot bottoms, welding of heating plates such as electric kettles and coffee pots, brazing of stainless steel flat bottoms, aluminum sheets and electric tubes of various shapes;
Plumbing industry: welding of faucets, plumbing fittings, etc.;
Refrigeration industry: air-conditioning diverter, air-conditioner sight glass, air conditioning condenser, air-conditioning tube, brass and other welding;
Automotive industry: Welding and quenching of automobile tubing fittings, brake pads, drive shafts, automotive air conditioning pipes, etc.
Medical industry: welding of needles, probes, scalpels, etc.;
Stainless steel industry: stainless steel basin, stainless steel tank, stainless steel tube, stainless steel tableware, stainless steel cups, sinks and other annealing stretch;
Metal parts industry: Golf heads, clubs, copper locks, hardware copper fittings, kitchen knives, knife blades, aluminum pans, aluminum barrels, aluminum radiators and annealing of various types of aluminum products.
Saw blade grinding equipment, saw blade grinding machine - equipment parameters:
Working power 220V/50Hz
Cooling water flow (host)18L/Min (0.1MPa)
Operating voltage range220VCooling water pressure0.1~0.3MPa
Maximum input current35AWater temperature protection point55℃
Maximum output power16KWweight28Kg
Oscillation frequency20~35KHzHost Dimensions (mm3)225×480×450
effectiveness90%machine typeXXYP-16
Load duration100%Special recommendationTool and drill welding
Saw blade grinding equipment, saw blade grinding machine-advantage:
Induction heating speed, high efficiency.
Simply place the copper (or silver) solder tab between the cutter head and the base body.
Energy saving and low cost.
Small oxidation area.
Welds are full and firm after welding.
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