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“To awaken the people , it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves.” Since, olden times women are considered as a secondary citizens and the rights provided for them are always limited. But, it is to be recognized that woman is universal power and she has strength to either create or destroy the universe. Woman is an image of love, patience, perseverance, and production. During civilization, women were given importance and special respect in society equal to men. But in later decades, though many famous personalities beckoned light on the increasing awareness among people to eliminate gender gaps, these attempts have always gone vain.

Women empowerment is the key-device to enable women to revive their economic, social and political statuses diversely in the society and harmonize them to share potency in the fast paced world.

Women empowerment is sum of all the principles listed below:

Educating rural and down trodden women

Motivating women that they are equal to men and gender equality is fundamental human right

Developing positive self-image and self-esteem among rural women

Building up confidence to make proper decisions

Providing access to the resources and information for decision making

Provoking them to overcome physical weakness by mental strength and stability

Allowing them to participate in social and political issues of society

Improving leadership qualities and group power skills

Providing them basic facilities like increased nutrition and broader access to health and wellness programs

Many awareness programs, training and support programs for women empowerment are conducted and organized in all under-developed countries to improvise the global status of women. But apart from all these, ability to make self-decisions, self-improvement and enduring growth process should be cultivated in women by themselves. This can be achieved by improving sense of consciousness and an emotionally balanced state of mind in women. Women empowerment can be possible through a phenomenon which has been reported to be a source for mental stability and peace. This phenomenon which strengthens one’s connection to hisher Inner Guidance System thereby to the Ultimate Source of Universal Intelligence, is termed as The Trivedi Effect®.

The Trivedi Masters™ -Mahendra Trivedi,Dahryn Trivedi, Alice Branton and Gopal Nayak, through their thoughts transmits universal energy to the recipients located anywhere in the world. Through Trivedi Master Wellness™ programs organized by Mahendra Trivedi, tens and thousands of people have reported profound benefits after receiving this energy.There are also programs for women empowerment which increases the ability to show assertiveness when making self-decisions, to think positive about any change, and to develop new group skills. Many women who experienced The Trivedi Effect® expressed a profound strength to overcome stigma and focused on their life goal for greater purpose. The Trivedi Effect® helped individuals to attain better clarity of mind and a better health and wellness status. This also assisted women to achieve higher and deeper perceptions of life. This thereby accomplished the task of women empowerment.

The Trivedi Effect® can be stated as a better reliable model to attain health and wellness in turn a better way of life. Let the thoughts of individuals like Mahendra Trivedi and Alice Branton bring a change in social, political and economic dignity of women by encouraging women empowerment.

To find out about how to receive Energy Transmissions™ or register for a program please go to the Trivedi Master Wellness™ There are a number of regular transmission programs (Trivedi Master Wellness Programs™) and energy-infused Trivedi Products™ available for people, all with the aim to regularly infuse people with this miraculous energy so that they can cumulatively increase their benefits, start to experience expanded levels of higher consciousness, and find peace and happiness in their lives.

TOKYO, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- The Japanese government said Tuesday that it will send a new batch of Self-Defense Forces (SDF) to South Sudan in late November after extending the SDF participation in a UN peacekeeping mission by five months through March.

The government said that it will decide before the troop's departure whether to assign additional duties to them in accordance with the controversial new security laws that came into effect in March and allowed SDF personnel with more flexible use of weapons.

The new tasks will probably include aiding UN personnel and others under attack by armed groups and jointly defending UN peacekeepers' camps with troops from other nations, said local media.

The security laws, steamrolled through the parliament by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party-led coalition, expanded the role of the SDF overseas despite their inherent contradictions to Japan's own pacifist Constitution.

Defense Minister Tomomi Inada said that the decision will be made after "comprehensively" assessing the training results of the SDF personnel and the security situation in South Sudan.

Opposition parties, however, said that the new missions would probably expose SDF members to higher risks.

Japan has been sending its Ground SDF personnel to build infrastructure as part of a UN mission in South Sudan since 2012. The African country gained independence from Sudan in 2011.

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