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Solid wood and laminated wood flooring
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Tytuł:  Solid wood and laminated wood flooring

Solid wood and laminated wood flooring
driving force for China's foreign trade. Investment: Some adjustments have been made to the overheating of real estate investment. However, the living standard of the people has been rising.outdoor wood plastic composite handrail wpc fence The sales situation of commercial housing has turned cold, but it has now come out of the trough and gradually become warmer. The increase in construction area reflects the macro impact of macro regu Lation and control on the potential supply of real estate. According to the report of China Decoration and Fitting Index System, judging
from the sales situation in Beijing, the price of housing sold in 70 large and medium-sized cities across the country rose by 5.8 % year-on-year in June 2006. wood plastic composite panel philippines
Shenzhen and Beijing accounted for the second and third largest gains in the country, with 10.1% and 11.2%, respectively. Demand for real estate in Beijing continued to grow steadily, showing strong purchasing power . The second-hand housing market has gradually become active, and the sales price of second-hand housing has increased by 4.9% year-on-year. The national
policy further tilts toward the "three rural issues" and implements rural urbanization. We Wood will has experienced 20 will continue to promote the development of the western region,composite decking lanarkshire
rejuvenate the northeast, and use the east-west interaction to drive the central government to coordinate the development of major strategies. Years of development and has become one of the essential products in people's living conditions. With the market's temper, it has entered a mature stage, and continued to rise year after year in the ups and
downs of the market (2005 Special Situations Outside) (b) Wood Flooring Market 1 In the autumn of 2006, the Chinese wooden floor market rose steadily in the wind, rain, and voice, but the proportion structure quietly changed. As can be seen from Table 1 above, in the Wood flooring market in China, Solid wood and laminated wood flooring have become the leader, and solid wood composite flooring has shown a significant upward trend in the past five years. In 2002,india wood plastics conference the market sales volume was 8.8 million square meters

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