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note of wood floor maintenance
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Autor:  Qizhenbi [ 23 sierpnia 2017 5:50 ]
Tytuł:  note of wood floor maintenance

floor of beautiful wood has the high grade class that feels character like the day in floor of more real wood. Not only sound insulation, adiabatic sex is strong, still can adjust indoor temperature and humidity, green is high and natural, luxuriant, it is the good stuff that ground of bedroom, sitting room, study decorates. So high grade floor, daily conserve rises to also want naturally to heart all the more.
wood floor maintains
1, time clean floor, in clean floor when the thing that does not use horniness wipe floor, want to be wiped with soft dishcloth, and should notice floor be among use process, do not let floor come up against as far as possible like acerbity, alkaline liquid state object, because corrode floor easily.
2, what should keep indoor is ventilated, not long-term life falls in damp environment, but the floor must not isolate for long in sun underground, avoid the craze of the floor.
3, should have d1 to the floor defend function, the benefit of the pet in avoiding the home is ungual, careful put down gently should notice when and should notice is moving furniture, and should shun hard stuff procrastinate on the floor move, already avoidefloor to cause nick.
4, periodic waxes to the floor.
Common saying say minutes to rely on material to rely minutes to maintain character, daily attention is only good the glossiness that just can increase wood floor board, continuance service life. Want to choose to fit 1self product only, when Jiashangping maintains, that is best.
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